Context: I'm load testing a prototype enterprise web application that works quick searches on the large dataset. It's backed with a database and uses JQuery datables backed with a servlet to narrow the outcomes upon each key stroke.

I wish to discover the way it will behave under load and measure response time, stability and usability under various loads and develop a SLA. The burden within this situation will be a quantity of customers signing in, typing various search string, concurrently.

Tools: I'm using Apache Jmeter to get this done.

Question: To really make my load tests random and get rid of the effect of caching at database level (or elsewhere), I would like my HTTP demands for every search to become random. I wish to make a move such as this: send a personality, wait, send another character, send backspace, send yet another character, send two backspaces, etc.

What's the most elegant/efficient method of doing something of that nature using JMeter?

Right now i'm considering using CSV dataset and browse random figures from the large file, but I am wondering if there's an easy method.

I'm not sure your use situation, however it appears unlikely that individuals will be typing in random figures. Should i be correct, replicating random key strokes might be just like misleading as utilizing a really small group of search key phrases.

Rather, you need to locate or develop some key phrases that individuals will probably use - often be checking this content they'll be searching? Then use that to populate what customers will enter when they're searching.

You are able to attain the random search strings by utilizing functions.

Particularly, take a look at RANDOM and CHAR.

essentially, you'd have something similar to ${__CHAR(${__RANDOM(0,82)})} to develop a single character.

I'd also recommend getting a CSV file using the best players most widely used search phrases to check against.