I wish to learn about Virtualization at length. But begin with fundamentals, like what's virtualization, with real life good examples and situations. Whenever I search, i acquired Virtualization technologies, but I wish to learn and actually know what is virtualization, its types and all sorts of... Help me to get practical particulars of term "Virtualization"

Virtualization is really a large subject, but very roughly speaking you will find three primary amounts of virtualization:

  • OS virtualization having a type 1 hypervisor
  • Virtual machine running with an existing hardware/OS, e.g. VMWare
  • High-level virtual machines, e.g. JVM

I would suggest this book: Virtual Machines, by J. E. Cruz and R. Nair.

It covers virtually all virtual execution conditions: process virtualization, higher level virtual machines, system virtual machines, multiprocessor virtualization, etc.

Observe that with respect to the level which you are looking at, it will get virtually associated with system administration / hardware, so you may also request the question on serverfault.com.