I'm using jQuery virtual keyboard plug-set for creating a virtual keyboard featuring its Unicode values using customLayout.

$('#unicodeInput') .keyboard({
    layout: 'custom',
    customLayout: {
        'default' :  [
}) .addTyping();

After I press the button on virtual keyboard the Unicode value gets placed fine within the textarea. After I press the laptop keyboard british figures are becoming placed.

It appears I have to then add additional benefits to ensure that the connected unicode using the key on keyboard is going to be placed. After I press a vital I wish to place the Unicode value rather than British figures in to the textarea. Do you know the additional things that I have to do to do this.

I really hope this can be used reference. Based on site you're needed to make use of the HEX worth of the figures in Unicode Check it http://blog.seanja.com/2010/03/jquery-contains-selector-and-unicode-characters/