I've got a PHP script that keeps preventing at the same location each time and my browser reviews:

The bond towards the server was totally reset as the page was loading.

I've examined this on Opera and IE, same factor happens. So, I'm speculating it is really an Apache/PHP config problem. Listed here are couple of a few things i have set.


max_execution_time = 300000 
max_input_time = 300000
memory_limit = 256M

Apache (httpd.conf)

Timeout 300000
KeepAlive On
MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
KeepAliveTimeout 0

Would be the above correct? So what can be leading to this and so what can I set?

I'm running PHP ( like a module on Apache (2.2) on the Home windows Server 2003.

The cool thing is it is really an Apache or PHP problem as all browsers perform the same factor. I believe the script runs for exactly ten mins (600 seconds).

I'd try setting all the error confirming options

-b on error batch abort
-V severitylevel
-m error_level

and delivering all of the output towards the client

echo "<div>starting sql batch</div>\n<pre>"; flush();
passthru('sqlcmd -b -m -1 -V 11 -l 3 -E -S TYHSY-01 -d newtest201 -i "E:\PHP_N\M_Create_Log_SP.sql"');
echo '</pre>done.'; flush();

Variations between 2 PHP configs were indeed the real cause from the problem on my small finish. My application is dependant on the NuSOAP library.

On config 1 with PHP 5.2, it had been running fine as PHP's Cleaning soap extension was off.

On config 2 with PHP 5.3, it had been giving "Connection Totally reset" errors as PHP's Cleaning soap extension was on.

Switching the extension off permitted to obtain my application running on PHP 5.3 without needing to rewrite everything.

I've discovered what the issue is. If anybody results in this, I really hope it will help.

There's a large difference in PHP versions 5.2 and 5.3. If you're moving up be cautious and make certain your application continues to be functional on PHP first instead of jumping with other conclusions like Used to do.

For me personally, I'd this during my home windows event logger. Very useful, right? It had not been for me personally, it required us a whole day to discover the issue.

"faulting application Apache.exe, version 2.2.11, faulting module php5ts.dll, version 5.3., fault address 0x0000926a."