I'm focusing on C#.Internet Home windows application with SQL Server 2005. This project i'm using ADO.Internet Data-service for database maintenance. I'm focusing on industrial automation domain, here data continue reading through a lot more than 8 hrs. After reading through data from device in line with the trigger i've periodically update data to database. for instance

  1. start reading through data on 9.00AM, trigger firing on 9.50AM. Once trigger fire, last half an hour(9.20 AM to 9.50AM) data store into data base. After trigger firing continue reading through data from tool and store into database.

  2. 10.00AM trigger likely to off sometimes storing data to database needs to be stop. Again trigger firing on 11.00AM. Once trigger fire, last half an hour(10.30 AM to 11.00AM) data store into database. After trigger firing continue reading through data from tool and store into database.

  3. After 10.00AM trigger not firing means data continue store in your area.

    Here i'm not sure until trigger fire continue reading through data where &lifier maintaining temporarily , After trigger firing, last half an hour data how you can bring and store into database. I'm not sure how you can do it. It is always good if anybody could suggest any idea.


In case your application is running the whole time you can easily make use of a standard Home windows.Forms.Timer, set using the appropriate timeout. Every timeout event you can begin off the entire process of upgrading your database.

I've not used ADO.Internet much, however i believe you are able to temporarily store data inside your DataSet object (or regardless of the object that in your area stores the database representation). When you're ready you are able to push that data in the resist the database.