Getting a server(ant) I would like a method to keep an eye on the files I've in certain folders having a web-interface. I've done the majority of the programming already, by essentially parsing with the folders each load ( not probably the most enhanced way however it has already established it advantages too ). However the reason why of keeping the files inside a database is becoming overwhelming.

So - How do you do that in the easiest way possible.
Generate an income had thought was to possess a script running and give a database entry each time a file was put into a folder I had been hearing. Can there be a good way to do this? Or can you solve this issue inside a different matter?

edit: right sorry. Operating-system is a little difficult - not necessarily. But right now it's written with an os x machine but eventually it's rising with an linux so I'll absolutely take a look at inotify. Are you aware any others enjoy it for say os x.

One method to do that is to produce a Home windows Service (which runs constantly) that consists of a FileWatcher component (I believe it's known as this). Whenever a new file is detected, create a call for your database.

Use incron to operate a script to update the database each time a file is added or removed.

You mention using OS X - you should use the File System Events library.

On linux, you'd use inotify (possibly utilizing a wrapper for example incron, which another poster pointed out).