I've an apple iphone applications having a Sqlite DB storing all the details much like a magazine. The consumer only browse the information from the db and will not update it as being the application doesn't allow update of information. When there's upgrading, both content of DB and also the application should be changed. I wish to know: 1. What's the easiest method to handle upgrading as I wish to over-write the DB entirely with a brand new one. 2. Really I've now a brand new version pending review by apple and that i have completely skipped this problem. Because this is my first apple iphone application, I don't understand what I'm able to do additional situation. Can anybody help?

I don't know I just read your question properly, so I will rephrase it.

I've an application, that reads from the sqllite db, so when i update the application, I would like the db to become up-to-date also

Right? If that's the case, here's a solution.

Trying to overwrite sqlite database in iPhone app update

You are able to only alter files in a couple subdirectories of the application’s home directory. For any database file, you most likely want the Documents directory (if it is not already there at launch, just copy it out of your app’s bundle), after which perform a safe-replace (see NSFileManager). I actually do this exact factor in MediBabble.