Right, this really is most likely likely to be really quite simple. I've got a form that consists of a power grid, should you choose among the records and press 'Edit' you receive come to another form where one can edit the information mounted on that record - all of this works.

However upon saving it'll write it towards the database and can not update these power grid until I emerge from my program altogether after which go in.

All I wish to do is obtain the power grid to update when exiting another form.

I've attempted opening/closing the table components, calling the 'refresh' from the query and also the table. I'm hooking up towards the database using BDE and penning this in Radical Studio XE2.

Any help could be appreciated.

Hope this solves your condition

Table1.Active := False;  
Table1.Active := True;

for any TTable and

TQuery1.Active := False;
TQuery1.active := True;

for any TQuery