I have been upgrading my iPad application very continuously now and also the process continues to be fine. However in per month approximately, I am likely to be improving it to some version which has a different architecture.

Both versions is going to be while using cache and db in completely different methods to keep data it's tugging from the server.

Question: Will the Apple update process instantly remove all local data from the previous version upon setting up the brand new version? Or, must i code this functionality in somewhere during my latest version?

Example: Some files you download on Home windows don't take away the data from "Application Data" or "Local Configurations" upon removing. I'm afraid this same scenario may happen on my small iPad when improving my application to some brand-new version. Is the situation?

Thanks, Derek

No, the update process doesn't remove files you have within the app's documents folder. They it's still there.

apple iphone and iPad updates don't remove data from previous version installations of the application. Your application will need to identify (say, search for the present version number) that old databases, and only remove them, or possibly better for that user, update these to the brand new format.

Make certain to in some way tag the brand new data format having a version number so that your application can identify it, and never remove it.