I am getting challenge with my Apache Web Server. I've got a folder (htdocsimages) where I have many images already in position. I'm able to browse them and find out them on my small web server (and access them via HTML). I added a brand new image inside today, and visited browse into it, also it can not be found. I double and triple checked the road and everything. I even restarted Apache which did not appear to assist.

I am really confused regarding what's happening here. Anybody have suggestions?


Edit I simply switched on the power for that images directory to become listed, looked at into it ( and that i could see all of the previous images which were within the folder, although not the brand new one.

Turn directory indexes on for htdocsimages, remove (or re-locate of how) any index.* files, and point your browser at http://yoursite/images/

Which should provide you with a full report on files for the reason that directory. When the file you are searching for is not there, then Apache is searching in a different directory than you believe it is. You will need to search your httpd.conf for clues -- DocumentRoot, Alias, AliasMatch, Redirect, RedirectMatch, RewriteRule -- you will find most likely a large number of apache directives that may be leading to the net server to obtain its documents from somewhere apart from in which you think it's searching.

make certain the situation and spelling are 100% correct.

There's not miracle in programming (some may disagree:), so search for silly errors. Wrong server? Situation of the letters? Wrong extension?