I question things i ought to be carefull of upgrading PHP on Home windows(with Apache). My current version is 5.2.9-2

My php folder is just under C:php

Basically simply download and unzip the brand new version, 5.3, the industry a bit more significant than going from 5.2.8 to five.2.9, I am thinking I have to be carefull to not overwrite some files.

I am thinking 5.3 may have some alterations in the .ini file. My .ini file allready has some modules triggered and the like, but when I leave that old .ini file, I would possess some incompatibilities.

So, what incompatibilities along with other risk should i consider? I haven't any experience upgrading this, and that i fear I would loose things and can just finish up needing to remove making a clean install after which edit everything again, that is painfull.

Do not do it on the live atmosphere until you've examined.

Php 5.3 consists of enough changes/new items that i'd be skeptical of either difficulties with the server config, as is available recommended, but additionally enough that I'd wish to test my application to check on still it labored properly under 5.3 too.