It is possible to method to upload or remove plug ins in WordPress without getting a ftp account or qualifications?

I must manage them with the WordPress interface.

It truly is dependent in your server configurations, I have worked with this particular this past year somewhere here:

I determined that to ensure that the plug ins, styles to obtain installed and up-to-date instantly in WordPress, you are able to:

  • Specify the FTP qualifications clearly inside your WordPress config
  • Run your PHP files utilizing a su atmosphere, with suPHP - this only works for those who have root rights in your server.

Hope that assisted, cheers ~

This can be done automatically, should you configure your WordPress installation so. Typically, on the live server, it calculates from the box - just hit 'delete' on the p-triggered wordpress plugin. Whether it does not work, however, you will get a webpage asking for FTP qualifications. Within this situation you have to look at your CHMOD value on wordpress-content/plug ins. I can not let you know precisely what it must be, and asking things 777 generally is a bad idea, but which should narrow it lower. Start low (655 approximately) and increase until it really works, or watch for a precise answer on that part.

If you're the administrator, you need to have the ability to remove or install plug ins from the admin interface. (presuming it has been setup properly.) Some plug ins will need FTP, but most of them is one-click installs. That's using the couple of newest versions of Wordpress anyways. For those who have a really old install, you will still need FTP.

For non-FTP ....Go here from D Lambert above for information on setting up from inside wordpress utilizing a zip file (for non located plug ins). Essentially in plug ins menu click Add new / Upload

Keep in mind the next though when utilizing zip upload:

when the wordpress plugin continues to be zipped in the folder level, not in the lower file level, it'll seem to install, however you might get an invalid wordpress plugin header message. it's not invalid.. more particulars here:

And if improving zip file should be named exactly just like existing folder, else a brand new folder is going to be produced with duplicate wordpress plugin.