I've form produced through the admin generator within the after sales of the website. It enables the upload of the video towards the site.

It really works fine but oddly, the upload fails for files of 10mb or higher. However, I haven't set any file limits during my form.

Exist Symfony/PHP/Apache/internet browser configurations regarding this kind of behavior will be able to consider?

Or it is possible to way I'm able to inform Symfony that Let me permit bigger files?

Even I've not ever labored with Symfony I expect the issue because of restrictions in your Web-Server.

If you possess the possible ways to edit or add your .htaccess file then your following type of code will most likely assist you to:

php_value upload_max_filesize 100M

the 100M in example is perfect for 100 Megabyte.

Also make certain that (at least) you update publish_max_size to complement. See the PHP documentation, particularly the sections on "Common Issues" and "Error Messages Described".