I am a new comer to this. I coded a top of the page (HTML, CSS) that states my website is being built in TextWrangler. I've two seperate files index.html, style.css. I wish to upload those to show on Wordpress. How do you start carrying this out? I am a bit a new comer to web design on your own. I have done some work editing styles, never needed to upload anything, etc. I have made the decision to begin a portfolio and need to get this online having a proper Content management systems that matches me. How do you start carrying this out? Please tell me.

Things are here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development

That describes what files you'll need, how header.php, style.css and index.php work, sidebars, theme standards, etc.

Produce a new folder under wordpress-contentthemes and put all of your files inside. Relabel your index.html to index.php after which start reading through concerning how to implement the wordpress loop to your code. It is the way to succeed for the theme.