This really is my very first time creating a website and taking advantage of CodeIgniter for any school project. I'm wondering whether you've any tips about uploading CI to some free hosting company , my database, free webhosting and fundamental security tips.

Can One just upload the whole CI folder? Or must i upload individual files (God no!)? What exactly are my options?

How about my MySQL database - will i just upload my mysqldump towards the webhost?

Also, are you able to recommend a great free webhost. I had been considering 000webhost.

Any fundamental tips about security would be also appreciated (I have implemented most of the form_validation rules like xss_clean to begin with)

Every other suggestions could be more than welcome. Thanks!

I made use of very long time ago and appreciated getting minor bothersome in some places (i.e.: slow connection, server unreachable sometime). I haven't any suggestion on the good free webhost because in many situation what "good" and "free webhost" don't belong within the same sentence. You receive that which you taken care of.

Now, to the uploading itself.

  1. You have to upload the whole CI folder as well as your application too
    • You may either zip all of them and extract the zip for those who have spend use of the server
    • You should use FTP to upload all files at the same time
  2. MySQL DB: for those who have SQL scripts, you are able to execute them in phpMyAdmin interface when the hosting company provider provides you with use of it. Please read phpMyAdmin documentation for methods to upload your MySQL data.

When it comes to security:

Rather than uploading individual files result in the entire directory right into a zip folder (or any compressed folder) in order to save bandwidth and time.

Also most webhosts may have an uploader, but i am not sure about free hosts supporting database services, you would need to consider that.