i'm writing a credit card applicatoin in java that can take backup of files on server.It's a home windows version application. During my application i must perform incremental backup operation. For applying incremental backup i'm attempting to follow rsync formula. i acquired one lib in java "jarsync0.3" although not getting crafting a code using rsync for uploading and installing files on linux hosting server (SSH enabled).

I looked enough to obtain any solution which supports me for uploading and installing files using rsync, but tend to not been successful.

Please produce your valuable suggestion that will assist me to obtain a method for using rsync for files uploading and installing on linux hosting server.

Out of your question, it's less than obvious if you're attempting to:

  • implement rsync client
  • implement rsync server
  • or simply use rsync internal calculations for many other purpose

For first couple of options: be done with it :-) See "Worthwhile rsync library for Java?" for particulars.

If you want the final option - well, best of luck. Wikipedia is the friend -)