I had been attempting to upload the database of my ASP.Internet website. Around the local machine, basically copy the database from another machine, I must attach it through SQL Server Management Studio after which utilize it within the connection string like

<add title="cn" connectionString="DatabasesEquals.sqlexpressInitial Catalog=databaseIntegrated Security=TruePooling=False" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

My database is approximately. 10 Megabytes in dimensions for the time being. Basically upload it via ftp to Application_Data folder, wouldso would I must attach this database?

In Plesk, I have the choice to produce the database and it is user (as proven within the screenshots):

1) Web Programs and services-Plesk alt text

2) Add New Database alt text and add new database user

3) Webadmin>ASP.ET Enterprise Manager alt text

But to the brand new database I produced. My issue is to upload a current one.

Gleam section in Plesk for ASP.Internet configurations (as proven below) alt text It has the choice to alter the bond string etc.

I additionally requested my host company concerning the approach to be adopted for affixing the database which i would upload. It was the reply in quote.

mdf ldf files possibly is going to be working at the local computer but by doing this database of mssql won't focus on web server as on web server you'll be needed to produce and reinstate your database backup file using plesk user interface.

Sample connection string for asp.internet mssql Standard Security: "Provider=SQLOLEDBData Source=Your_Server_NameInitial Catalog= Your_Database_NameUserId=Your_UsernamePassword=Your_Password"

Server title for use in coding: localhost Catalog/ database title , database user and database password you'll be needed to produce your own using plesk user interfaceInch[/quote]

I'd be be appreciative for that steps I must decide to try upload my existing database. How do you have attach it? What connection string I must use? Thanks!

Are you able to operate a sql script in your "new" database in Plesk? If that's the case, you are able to script the item creation and data inside your existing db and carry it out thusly. In SSMS:

  1. Right click db.
  2. Tasks...
  3. Generate scripts.

Best of luck!