I'm getting trouble setting up modporter.

I've installed it properly. I've no problems uploading files above 200kb. But files below 200kb aren't getting submitted. On upload of files below 200kb, its just saying "Application error Rails application unsuccessful to begin correctly" Basically switch Porter off, it's getting submitted. There's no error sign in apache error log or perhaps in the rails log.

Can there be any min_file_upload_limit directive for porter?

I'm using Rails 3..7, Apache and Phusion passenger.

Can anybody assist me to to obtain the error and also to solve it.


I discovered the issue as well as the response to my very own Qustion. Its appears there's a permission problem.

I could repair the problem by ensuring Apache and who owns the atmosphere.rb were exactly the same user. During my situation, I transformed the Apache run user to complement who owns atmosphere.rb.

Alter the User and Group option in Apache config file to complement who owns the atmosphere.rb