I've designed a program in which I can upload personal files. Things are working fine. But, after i attempted uploading 11mb file, it appears enjoy it is loading forever or delivering the file to server forever..

I've already attempted setting the upload_max_filesize to 20M.

Any ideas what is the reason and just how to solve this?

The exactly why is probably associated with your connection speed. Unless of course you are hooking up using a LAN towards the machine under consideration you'll in most probability be hooking up using a consumer grade broadband connection. They are virtually always set up to ensure that data transfer speed is greater than upload speed. As a result, that 20 meg file that can take one minute approximately to download will require ten minutes or even more to upload within the same connection.

What else could you do relating to this, apart from switching for an enterprise-grade broadband connection? Not a good deal, individuals bits is only going to transfer so quick within the connection you have with no faster. You skill, however, reaches least keep your user informed regarding the way the upload is advancing. PHP from version 5.2 let's start provides hooks which you can use to watch the progress of the file upload. You should use javascript to watch these hooks and display a progress bar towards the user.


How lengthy is "forever"? An average upload speed on consumer broadband is 256 kilobits per second, where speed an 11 megabyte file will require over five minutes to upload.

If you work with the Google Chrome internet browser, you receive an upload progress bar so that you can tell if it's working or otherwise.