I've lately restored my wordpress (3.3.1) site from the backup.

All is working fine and that i can also add posts and pages not a problem and fixOrarranged images which already appear in my media library.

However, i can not add new images to my media library (wordpress-content/uploads). I recieve error Permission refused ins...wordpress-admin/includes/file.php despite the fact that the permissions on wordpress-content and wordpress-content/uploads etc are going to 777. I even attempted altering wordpress-admin/includes to 777 but that didnt make a difference.

Does anybody have ideas.

Thank you

Try adding a complete file path for that uploads directory in Configurations -> Media. I simply went in to the same issue today which fixed it for me personally.

It appears such as this problem pops up when you have transformed the position of the WordPress root - Wordpress does not know where you can produce the new uploads folders therefore it returns a permissions error for reasons uknown.