I've Joomla 1.5.9 running on IIS7. I am now experimentation using the Search engine optimization Configurations in the Joomla global configuration page.

First I considered Internet Search Engine Friendly Web addresses (that will get eliminate the queries a part of Web addresses) that actually works fine.

I additionally attempted make it possible for the "Use Apache mod_rewrite". I installed "Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7." and added the net.config according to http://learn.iis.internet/page.aspx/527/joomla-on-iis . When hitting menu links, this appears to operate for the reason that I no more see index.php within the URL. The address bar updates as to the seems such as the right URL, however the content proven is the fact of the house page. I attempted in IE and Google Chrome with similar result. Refreshing the page after loaded made no difference.

I attempted re-beginning IIS7, it did not really make a difference.

Edit: Once I adopted the suggestion below (adopted instructions at http://world wide web.mydotnetworld.com/publish/2008/10/24/URL-Spinning-In-Joomla-15-on-IIS-7.aspx :switched on fast cgi, modified php.ini, and imported rewrite rules rather than putting these questions web.config myself), I now get 404's rather than just showing the house page's content. The URL still seems to become properly rewritten. So, different behavior but nonetheless does not work. I am unsure this really is helpful information, however these two fields are proven within the 404 page: Asked for URL http://localhost:80/joomla_course/periodic-areas Physical Path C:inetpubwwwrootjoomla_courseseasonal-areas If the physical path function as the 'non-rewritten' URL? Or perhaps is it expected that it end up like this?

Edit 2: Oho! I discovered someone with similar problem published on Joomla forums: http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=543&t=364706&p=1598137#p1598137 . No answer there either, though.

Any idea regarding how to identify (as well as, fix :) ) this?


I acquired this to operate now. The important thing ended up being to make certain FastCGI can be used to operate php (according to http://learn.iis.internet/page.aspx/246/using-fastcgi-to-host-php-programs-on-iis-70 ), and ensuring the "Use Apache mod_rewrite" is enabled. If "Use Apache mod_rewrite" is switched off however the rewrite rules can be found in IIS7, then your HTML turns up but no styling or images.

The requirement of using FastCGI is strange (and opposes what's recommended in http://maximumpcguides.com/home windows-vista/how-to-create-a-home windows-vista-iis7-mysql-php-web-server , that is what I did previously setup php to begin with). Everything appears to operate if not using FastCGI, aside from the URL spinning.

It appears that either posting the guidelines (as recommended in http://world wide web.mydotnetworld.com/publish/2008/10/24/URL-Spinning-In-Joomla-15-on-IIS-7.aspx) or by hand adding these to an internet.config file (as recommended in http://learn.iis.internet/page.aspx/527/joomla-on-iis ) works.

It appears like there's a problem using the rules within the web.config. Just going from the discuss the content you linked you aren't the sole one getting this problem. I'd take away the web.config after which stick to the steps layed out here.