My login form on top of the page is displayed, however when it posts other pages, the publish does not occur. However , the url is much like: http://sitename/users/action the industry 404 not found url. However when i hard code the road to controller, (that's, stop using base_url + "/customers/action" and employ base_url + "/system/application/remotes/customers/action") it begins working. How do i fix this issue?

Are you currently using .htaccess to cover index.php? If that's the case, you have to take that into consideration together with your routing. Otherwise, you have to include it. e.g. if you are not hiding it, try:


You may also try your config/config.php folder and connect your $config['base_url']...hope that can help.

i'd the .htaccess file within the wrong folder, within the system/application/config/ folder, rather than the main folder. once i copied and pasted the file within the root folder, the issue was solved.