I've the domain "www.first.com" which points x.x.x.x I've the domain "www.second.com" which indicates y.y.y.y I would like the to enter in the browser "www.first.com" and obtain to "www.second.com" (around the y.y.y.y) however the url demonstrated within the browser needs to function as the same!

Basically put b .htaccess within the x.x.x.x server with: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule index.php http://www.second.com

I recieve to second.com, however the url is transformed to http://www.second.com. Can there be anyway to attain what I wish to do?

1 - It is because I have to host an internet site on my small server, however the domain does not point to it and that i Mustn't Alter the dns. 2 - I'm able to change a few of the contents within the x.x.x.x server, however i can't neither change DNS or place the website directory within it.

I had been thinking about put an easy index.php within the x.x.x.x server, which will make a eval(file_get_contents("www.second.com")): I understand it's strange, however i can't get closer than that towards the solution.

Apache mod_proxy may be the easiest method to make that happen.