It is possible to method to collect usage metrics of the ASP.Internet web service like Google Statistics collect usage metrics of an internet site. All without applying my very own database tables or code.

I don't have to collect the large quantity of information collected by Google Statistics, only simple information, like the amount of calls as well as their distribution with time.

If no exterior tool may be used, how you can simply process the request to some web plan to extract information like request location, request source, along with other information that may be collected.

If you are hosting your merchandise within an IIS web server (that we persume you need to do), you could look into the IIS web server application log, all demands are written to that particular file.

Open the *.log file and copy the contents to Stand out, and employ Stand out to pivot/group/filter/sort the information to ensure that you present the count (the amount of demands) towards the web service inside a meanigful manner.