I'm writing a distributed DB Application by having an Access Front-end. Basically an mde with a few forms and reviews. Must I make use of an access mdb to carry the after sales tables or use MySQL as well as other database?

Personally I'd use SQL Server Express or MySQL. They scale much better than an Access after sales and when you're prepared to escape from Access, it can be done without needing to convert the after sales along with the front-end.

SQL Server Express might be a great choice, however it has some pretty strict restrictions, too. Also, you'd have to make certain that it is license meets your needs.

In case your concurrency and scalability needs are restricted (say 10-15 concurrent customers with moderate levels of I/O), there is nothing wrong with utilizing an MDB back-finish. I am no Access fan, however i know from experience this will often work.

Also, giving an MDB back-finish is nearly free, whereas MySQL or SQL Server Express will need some actual DBA work. There is no point choosing something bigger if you are reasonably sure you may never require it.

For actual deployment you'd wan to utilize a real database, not the Access jet.

That being stated, the truly amazing factor about access is it includes a tool (try looking in recption menus) to separate just one MDB file into database and code. Do this, after which goal the code in the new databases.

You might want to slightly modify some queries.

I believe SQL Server Express could be the best choice. MySQL is a great DB for the after sales, but Access combines better with SQL Serv Express (obviously MS wants you to employ it's own items, even when it's free) and Express edition is fairly good thinking about it's free. When the application eventually ends up requiring to scale in a major way later, then upgrading towards the compensated-for SQL Server is straightforward and also the driver is identical.

I believe you need to define that which you mean by "distributed DB Application." That term when i comprehend it would usually put Jet from the running for that back finish.

No-one can really answer your question with no indication of user population, operating atmosphere, security and reliability needs, etc. Whether it's for 10 customers and it is not line-of-business data, a Jet back finish might be perfect making development and administration simple. For those who have 100 customers, you'd certainly want to choose a server back finish. For those who have important security factors (e.g., HIPAA compliance) you'd most likely want to choose a database which has server-level security built-in and never opt for Jet.

But you will find lots of programs in which a Jet back finish could be all right -- fast and completely reliable.

There is a third option: you could utilize something similar to EQL Data to ensure that you should use the standard Access after sales, but give each individual their very own copy (and sync together) to assist with multi-user scalability issues. This way you don't have to enter in the complexity of utilizing a "real" DB after sales.

Selecting MySQL you should install MySQL Connector (ODBC) in every client. SQL Server Express will be a sensible choice if you do not prefer to distribute aditional components, plus, ADO works more effectively with MS SQL.

MySQL. Access will work for testing or proofing, but it's a bad choice for a production database.