I'm using Apache to authenticate customers for Django, but I must achieve this with no popup form that Apache uses in the fundamental configuration.

How do you embed the login form inside a page while still using Apache for authentication?

That's, I would like a webpage that states "Please login" and offers an application requesting password, and passes these details onto Apache for authentication. (I'd do that over an SSL connection, obviously.)

Possibly you could do this this in django by utilizing mod_python or mod_wsgi access control.

There's an open ticket on django trac for mod_wsgi authentication handler.

More assets about them.


http://world wide web.peej.co.united kingdom/articles/http-auth-with-html-forms.html

This shows the best way to apply certain JavaScript miracle to provide your personal form for HTTP Fundamental Authentication. You will discover other good examples to do this should you search with enough contentration with Google.

Alternatively take a look at mod_auth_tkt at:

http://world wide web.openfusion.com.au/labs/mod_auth_tkt/

It however utilizes a custom Apache module to complete some miracle.