I wish to run an Apache on my small local machine since i have are only able to ssh into my server through ajaxterm (webbased ssh client) the industry inconvenience. Now my issue is, that i'm running this server and also have to transmit the traffic through the businesses proxy that also has user authentication with password. I've got a .pac file therefore if I will tell Apache to make use of might enter my password and username somewhere that might be great.


I'd should also possess a redirect ProxyPass /ajax http://website.com
ProxyPassReverse /ajax http://website.com

I am unsure I realize the question properly, so allow me to rephrase :

  • You possess an Apache Server running you local machine
  • You normally make use of a Proxy for connecting to the web
  • This proxy includes a .pac config file
  • You need to access the local Apache Server from the web
  • I did not know very well what SSH and AjaxTerm do within this picture.

First, this does not seem like a programming question, which means you are most likely better asking it around the Apache mailing list. Nevertheless, there's most likely some myths. The proxy you utilize to gain access to the web is exactly what we're able to call a "forward proxy", it handles the traffic going from the client within your company to some server outdoors of the company.

The thing you need is really a "reverse proxy", which handles the traffic from the client outdoors of the company to some server within it. (Observe that both functions could be set up on a single proxy - a proxy could be simultaneously a reverse proxy along with a forward proxy).

The .pac file you have is a method to configure your browser to undergo the proxy to visit the web. The thing you need would be to configure the proxy to forward visitors to your webserver. This configuration won't be completed in the local Apache server, but around the proxy itself. So you will need to talk to the administrator of the proxy ...