I produced a java application last year that is essentially a multithread socket server for any website. I built this around a tutorial, that we broadened to complete a lot of things, including live multiplayer game with Expensive client. The tutorial I made use of may be the following (in french): http://defaut.developpez.com/tutoriel/java/serveur/multithread/

It isn't just like the tutorial because I personalized every some of it to incorporate the overall game part and several other activities (configuration, debug, etc), however the socket "opening" part is one of the same as with the tutorial.

Anyway... For the time being it's working great. The java application (a .jar file) is running on my small devoted server like a daemon (using "java -jar file.jar &lifier" command in the .sh script). However for some technical and private reason, I will not have the ability to do that any longer because I have to move to some more cheaper hosting solution. (Essentially, I had been discussing the server with a few buddies, but...) Everywhere I looked, the only real hosting solutions I'm able to find is services offering Tomcat or similar solutions.

Furthermore, I looked a great deal on the internet today, however i don't quite learn how to load my application in Tomcat (whether it's even possible) without needing to rewrite everything again. I am also at nighttime as though you will find hosting plan, apart from devoted or virtual devoted, which let me proceed as I did previously do.

Could someone point me to some site explaining generate an income could implement my existing .jar inside Tomcat (or similar)? Or if a person have another means to fix offer me....?


Your game is applying raw electrical sockets, meaning your personal port and protocol to really make it run.

Tomcat means the server port and HTTP.

You'd need to rewrite your game as a number of servlets to operate over HTTP and deploy on Tomcat.