A person wants me to complete some forms in PHP on his Wordpress located site. To date, with professional-php it really works however i aren't able to find phpmyadmin around the wordpress admin panel. I installed portalbe phpmyadmin however i just can easily see some tables, don't can produce a brand new one because of insufficient privileges + 404.

Just how to get it done? I can not determine the username/password and also the GUI for that Database.

Must I request for that hosting data? Or perhaps is everything located in MySQL?

I believe I want the hosting data too, don't I?

You would need to access their mysql database manager, typically as if you stated it's phpmyadmin however not every hosts use that. You need in touch with the consumer to obtain the proper log inches and Web addresses to gain access to this stuff. If you want data whatsoever from Wordpress you will probably need use of their database.

If they're using cPanel you have access to it by visiting http://theirdomain.com/cpanel and signing in when they gave you their user particulars, otherwise like I stated you will need to request them for your information it will not be possible to do this without that information unless of course they do not need any information and it is just a third party plug-in.