I've got a Wordpress site and what I must do is perfect for customers to transmit their current email address via a form after which my email client would send instantly message all of them with a hyperlink to some certain page. That page shouldn't be accessable without that link. Is the fact that easy to do and what are the ready plug ins with this? I personally use a people wordpress plugin, however i want customers simply to give their email and never to complete an entire form. We do hope you understand. Thanks. w

The greater route would be to only use the built-in sign-up system. Can there be some reason why did not meet your needs?

Lacking that, this is a fast and dirty approach...

To transmit mail to some user, just place the following PHP code inside a page:

mail($_GET['user_email_address'], 'Access to site', 'To access the site please use ' . get_bloginfo('url') . '/foo.php?access=1');

The very first parameter assumes the page that refers to this as comes with an textbox using the title 'user_email_address'. The topic and content from the mail follow you are able to change these to reflect that which you reallyw ant.

After that time the page you need to restrict use of, place the following code towards the top of the file:

if (!isset($_GET['access']))
     wp_redirect(get_option('siteurl') . '/wp-login.php?action=register');

This redirects anybody who does not possess the get parameter access. This technique has two primary weak points:

  • it is simple to copy/paste and share this URL and anybody will have the ability to bypass the e-mail
  • by trying revisit the page later you will not have the ability to reach it with no get parameter

Should you provide more particulars on why the built-in registration system did not work, I would have the ability to help better.