It's easy to paginate the wordpress get_customers function using the "offset" parameter?

I've complete my custom query of customers for my list and today I have to paginate the outcomes into multiple pages.

This can be a sample from the function that Im using:


    $args = array(
        'meta_key' => 'jabber',
        'meta_value' => 'User Name',
        'meta_compare' => 'LIKE',
        'order' => 'ASC',
        'count_total' => true,
        'fields' => 'all',

    $blogusers = get_users($args_1);
    foreach ($blogusers as $user) {

        $user_id = $user->ID; 
        $user = get_userdata($user_id);

          echo '<li class="provider-list prov-list-gradient">' . $user->display_name . '</li>';



If there's anybody you are able to give top tips I'd be thankful.

Thanks in advanced.

Anyway, the overall response is "yes".