I've got a wordpress theme having a theme options panel the user can set which groups they would like to use that is then saved being an array $blog_cat[] etc. They are able to choose as numerous groups because they want for that array also it saves the course number not slug.

I'm getting trouble after i go to create a wordpress_query with such configurations. How do i take that array and employ it within the wordpress_query?

Basically make use of the following little bit of code it'll output all the groups: $catnum = foreach($blog_cat as $blogcats)

However, I can not make use of this in the wordpress_query which appears like this:

$wordpress_query = new Wordpress_Query('category_title=' . $blog_cat . '&showposts=3')

I'm able to target them individually although not dynamically no matter the number of are positioned.

I am speculating this is not a really hard problem to repair but I'm not sure enough concerning the syntax to determine how.