I have began Android programming lately so bear beside me :)

I develop an application that has all its content saved in database.sql file. I have implemented a subclass of SQLiteOpenHelper and added database.sql to my project assets.

public class DBHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper
public DBHelper (Context ctx)
  super(ctx, "database.sql", null, 1);

This factor does not work. I simply have an exception each time I attempt to complete smth with DB :(

You've 3 options when you wish to produce a database in your area in Android hopefully they'll support deployment from the APK soon. The database must be inside a specific location :


  1. you are able to download the database and write it towards the database folder from the known Internet location.
  2. you may create the database using code.
  3. you are able to copy the database out of your assets folder towards the database folder (doubles space needed).

Also see http://www.reigndesign.com/blog/using-your-own-sqlite-database-in-android-applications/

You have to override onCreate and onUpdate too, take a look to google's example here