I've someone worrying that www.archstl.org (a website I manage) loads fine from his Home windows PC, but this is not on his Mac and apparently he can't have it anywhere he takes his Mac, either...

I have heard about this happening to 1 body else, however i aren't able to find a reason. Once they try loading it on their own Mac using either Safari or Opera, they obtain the default Apache page: "If you're able to check this out, this means that installing the Apache web server software about this system was effective. You might now add content for this directory and replace this site.Inch

I've had him ping www.archstl.org, also it always returns the correct Ip in our server (, so I'm not sure what is failing. It appears our server is delivering him the incorrect page, basically...?

Because it works out, the dns entry for archstl.org incorporated a self-mentioning ipv6 address (::), which triggered Apple computers running Apache to visit localhost (disregarding the ipv4 address). Our data center removed the v6 address, and today get up.