I've been stuck only at that for hrs now. I must make use of a Hyperlink to query an online database in android. Can any1 is there a problem regarding how to do that? Thanks.

I discovered a good web site to reply to this: http://p-xr.com/android-tutorial-how-to-parseread-xml-data-into-android-listview/. Use HttpGet rather than HttpPost.
All because of Mark for helping me by helping cover their this.

There's no general method to tell this, because the URL itself is dependent around the database and also the driver. Essentially you'll need a jdbc driver for that database that you simply put in any project first. The paperwork will provide you with the specific particulars.

For Postgres, this might seem like


With that said: usually it's no wise decision to complete remote jdbc calls (if you cannot guarantee the application are only used from our lan) and you ought to perform some abstraction and e.g. send the information around via http demands that carry payloads encoded e.g. as json or xml.