I've got a Wordpress website which was personalized with a php developer. He produced a folder for images within the cause of the web site. I've got a requirement to maneuver this foder in the cause of the web site to within the wordpress-contentimages folder.

This is how the php file is written today while using image files in the folder within the root:

<img src="images/img1.jpg" border="0" style="padding-right:44px;"/>
<img src="images/img2.jpg" border="0" style="padding-right:44px;"/>
<img src="images/img3.jpg" border="0" style="padding-right:44px;"/>
<img src="images/img4.jpg" border="0" style="padding-right:44px;"/>
<img src="images/img5.jpg" border="0"/>

Since I moved the pictures towards the wordpress-contentimages folder, I attempted many combinations (wordpress-content/images/img1.digital /wordpress-content/images/img1.digital public_html/wordpress-content/images/img1.digital/public_html/wordpress-content/images/img1.digital), however the images aren't turning up. How must i make reference to the pictures for the reason that folder?

Thank you! Take advantage of.

In case your images are connected having a custom theme then they must be inside your theme directory.

You should use the get_bloginfo wordpress api to obtain a complete hyperlink to ezinearticles.


Begin to see the above link for information on different versions of the.

Which means you would replace your image links with something similar to

<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url')?>/images/img1.jpg" border="0" style="padding-right:44px;"/>