this really is my first question here.

Well, I'm developing an apple iphone application which will use coredata, however the theres not really a choice to place data in to the database from the application.

I wish to understand how to pre-populate it's database.

I figured of making a plist with the info making a function to place everything in to the coredata database when the database isn't set yet...

but I wish to know if it's the proper way to achieve this.

Thanks all.

You are able to pre-produce the database file (sqlite file) making use of your tool and put that within the bundle whenever you distribute it. Advertising media are the application the very first time you are able to move that out of your programs bundle you are able to move it towards the documents directory where core data will see clearly.

You may also possess a function that runs at the beginning of your programs first run where it reads out of your plist and produces the right objects.

The simplest strategy is to produce a desktop application with similar model (the identical model even, just link it in). Then have Interface Builder create a default UI for this and go into the data. Far simpler than doing the work on the device.

After you have the information then range from the SQLite file inside your bundle and also, since your application is read only while you stated point the NSPersistentStoreCoordinator in the file inside your application bundle and Bob's your uncle.

Creating an application around the desktop takes about a few minutes and could save you much more time around the data entry side.