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I've got a daily released multi-threaded loading service. I must keep tack from the percentage progress from the loader. I believed that it might be good with an update column on the database table that creates the %Progress. However, I've found that it isn't really advisable because there maybe there is a sizable overhead(5k updates each minute).

I've been informed the progress indication is better uncovered like a webservice.

Can someone please show me the way i could implement this? What's going to the webservice output - xml data for example '21.5% Complete' or else? Wouldso would a customer appication determine the progress - I suppose the webservice should expose some kind of notification event that the client application would implement and pay attention to update?

we've aysnc webservice, that runs the lengthy running job, we make use of a secondary method around the webservice to question the database and return the worthiness towards the UI, therefore we might have multiple jobs running and return the worthiness.

Not elegant however it works.



Make it simple.

Produce a web service with 2 techniques, updateProgress and getProgress. all of the web service needs to do keep the Progress inside a static variable.

Your loading service just posts the updates as well as your client polls for progress and whatever rate you think about acceptable.