I'm in someone who're developing a Defect Monitoring program like a project. We've been using Active Objects and also have encounter some issues. Presently maximum quality for that blob is approximately. 2Mb but you want to have the ability to increase up to 2Gb. We presently happen to be searching at many sites and haven't had the opportunity to discover how you can boost the size. We're presently storing the blob as a range of bytes. Our current error states, Packet for Totally too big? We do not understand how to set the variable, and that we don't understand how to place it using AO. We're programming this in Java, too. We're wondering if anybody includes a fix for your problem.

Just Help.

I believe this can be a mysql problem. You will have to edit your mysql configuration (/etc/mysql/my.cnf on Linux) and alter the need for max_permitted_packet.