When I know, Sharepoint save all customers list in a single table. I've several sharepoint lists. And I wish to store Data from Sharepoint lists in custom MS Sql Server DB. That difrent Sharepoint lists store data in diffrent tables. I would like this information is saved only during my custom DB (not in sharepoint DB).

I want that mutual (many-to-many) links between difrent lists within this DB are. For instance I've 2 lists Projects and Emploeyrs one project might have many companies and something employer can function on several projects. I would like when I remove emploer from project link for your project is erased out of this emploer.

Would You recomend me some sollutions with this task?

Seems like a genuine mashup, I'd bee with a couple exterior components such as the ASPxGridView from DevExpress, http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Controls/ASP/Grid/, to obtain the list sights because you wont have the ability to make use of the internal lists.

To interface for the internal SharePoint lists I'd make use of the Camelot .Internet Connector from Bendsoft, http://www.bendsoft.com/net-sharepoint-connector/.

With this combination it will not really matter in which you place the result, you can use it internally in SharePoint in addition to externally also it dont matter if you are using 2007 or more recent either.

I believe I understand what your attempting to do : You might like to see this http://www.simego.com/Products/Data-Synchronisation-Studio and employ dynamic posts