I likely to begin a simple internet based project and every part of the machine may have some data saved on their own account like comments along with other info. The machine is going to do fundamental choose increase queries around the saved data. I wish to use Amazon . com EC2 to do this however am a little confused where you'll get began and which service of EC2 I ought to use. Their site (http://aws.amazon . com.com/ec2/) is a little confusing. Can anybody produce some useful info on this? Thanks ahead of time

Choose a credit card applicatoin came from here:


Look around the left hands side under "AWS Solutions"

The API javadocs:


Other documentation (based on what packages you intend on using)


You may also choose PHP, mobile, Python, Ruby and .Internet in the left hands side under "Developer Centers"

At it's roots, EC2 is simply a VPS provider. You receive ssh use of your "box" which might run home windows or some flavor of linux. After that you are able to install anything you like. You should use an EBS (Elastic Block Store) backed machine image to ensure that the items you write is persistent. The persistent drive is installed on your virtual machine. With this configuration you are able to install everything on a single machine should you want, or install the database on a single instance and also the web server on another.

If you're developing in Java you should use their Elastic Beanstalk, which essentially takes proper care of all the machine maintenance/upkeep and merely provides you with a Tomcat instance to deploy to. For database when utilizing Beanstalk you should use RDS that we believe is dependant on MySql.

When you are confident with your work in EC2, you can begin searching at cloudwatch for sensors (high cpu load, high IO load, server lower, etc.) Elastic Load Balancer for disbursing load across multiple web servers, S3 for storing files or backup copies, etc.