I have got a scenario where I have to affect the items in a cached file based from among the query string arguments passed in. I'd like to use sed to perform a simple regular expression alternative of the value based from stated argument however i can't figure that certain out. I possibly could make use of a ruby script to complete the alternative for me personally but can't appear to gain access to the query string for that request inside the script. The documents for mod_ext_filter say:

Additionally towards the standard CGI atmosphere variables, DOCUMENT_URI, DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO, and QUERY_STRING_UNESCAPED may also be looking for this program.

Um yeah, can't appear to gain access to individuals.

Has anybody any knowledge about this or does anybody possess a better solution?

Using PHP scripting language server function we are able to capable of getting the query string values. echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; And pass the URL arguments like a variable towards the file making it dynamic.

Refer : PHP.net

Doh! Appears like I must access the ENV variable within ruby. Pretty dumb of me.