I'm searching for good and practical assets that can help me make use of the Ant APIs effectively. The project website just provides the documentation from the API which isn't helpful whatsoever. Very couple of websites appear to provide very brief lessons about them.

Can there be some resource I'm passing up on? How do i make use of the Ant APIs for straightforward tasks, without investing hrs going through them and searching at source code?


(Solutions to formerly requested questions not useful - How can i use Apache ANT Programmatically )

..Java program to programmatically build source files

If producing/Jarring is all that's necessary and you will run it within an SDK (instead of an ordinary JRE), turn to the JavaCompiler class for compilation. Then make use of the Jar related classes to construct the Jars.

All J2SE. Ant not incorporated, Ant not needed.

There's no better manual to know ANT than : http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html

I don't know if you have been through this link that describes at length about producing an activity. A thing of caution, If you are a new comer to ANT, there's no good way to hop on this tutorial. Easier to discover the fundamentals before you decide to come here. Refer above link for any good beginning point.

Because it works out, the possible lack of good assets on while using Ant API, is famous and intended. The underside paragraph of this article in the Ant states -

The question you're most likely wondering here is: Wouldso would I understand which classes and techniques need to be known as to be able to setup a dummy Project and Target? The reply is: you do not. Ultimately, you need to be prepared to get the ft wet and browse the origin code. The above mentioned example is basically made to whet your appetite and enable you to get began. Go for this!

Which means this appears to become the only method to make best utilisation of the API.