As talked about a little in this question, I'm using Apache mod_include with conditional flow control claims to change the behaviour of incorporated shtml files with respect to the Link to parents page. The issue I am getting is the fact that a few of the pages on the website are PHP pages, which appears to imply that the mod_include directives are overlooked (and rather treated as standard html comments).

Can there be in whatever way to possess PHP pages properly process these mod_include directives?

Particularly, here's what I'm attempting to have processed:

<!--#if expr='"$DOCUMENT_NAME" = /(podcasts\.php)|(series\.php)/' -->
<li id="features" class="current">
<!--#else -->
<li id="features">
<!--#endif -->

Similar lines blocks operate in the .shtml files on the website, as well as the php pages, the suggestions above eventually ends up output towards the client.

Edit: The nearest factor to some solution I've develop would be to mimic the functionality from the incorporated shtml file inside a php file. I do not such as this solution since it implies that adding links later on will need adding these to multiple places.

Presuming you are running PHP via mod_php (might not even matter) just adding:

AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml .php

and delay pills work acceptable for both .shtml and .php with both being correctly parsed.