My opportunity is likely to write a commerial application that could apply certain Apache libraries. The applying under consideration is perfect for the Android platform and might be distributed around the Android Market.

From what I have been reading through it appears that people will have to incorporate a copy from the Apache License 2. using the binary distribution in our software. Performs this imply that our propritary source code is going to be taught in Apache License also? If this sounds like the situation, do we have to make our source code made available? Are there more implications of utilizing Apache libraries inside a commercial application and distrubuting it?

Thanks ahead of time for just about any advice!


Begin to see the table on wikipedia for any comparison of numerous free software application licenses. Inside it, you'll find that the Apache license enables you to definitely link the origin code with code under other licenses.

You are needed to get this done, to ensure that individuals who get the software you are disbursing understand the privileges they've around the Apache-licensed components. It does not need you to release your personal code under that license. Generate an income frequently check this out solved is as simple as getting something similar to "Miracle traffic bot consists of the next components licensed under LICENSE_Title" within the About screen (or equivalent), then a listing of individuals components.

NOTE: The typical "I'm Not An AttorneyInch disclaimers apply here - this really is to the very best of my understanding, but is as simple as not means certain to be correct. Just saying.

Your proprietary source code need not be taught in Apache License 2., unless of course it combines using the Apache libraries to create a "Derivative Work". Basically connecting using the Apache libraries doesn't constitute an offshoot Work (obviously in section one of the License).

So, the solution is dependent on which you mean by "apply certain Apache libraries".

However, even when your Derivative Jobs are taught in Apache License 2., you might still sell your projects. "Taught in Apache License 2." does not necessarily mean that you need to build your source code available. You might sublicense your projects, also, as referred to in section 2 from the License.

In most cases, you have to give a copy from the License. For those who have an offshoot Work, then you're also susceptible to the License terms in section 4(d) concerning the NOTICES file, that you simply must display for some reason.