hey men, i personally use two computer systems frequently, a laptop with ubuntu 10.10 along with a pc with home windows 7. i wish to have the ability to access the folders from both pc's. then programming is going to be less annoying. someone explained bazaar was the easiest method to do that.

If you are searching to create programming on two computer systems "less annoying," you most likely are searching for some version control system. Bazaar (bzr) is a such system, much like Subversion (svn), Mercurial (hg), and Git (git).

Many of these systems will allow you to definitely record your changes on a single computer and apply them (ie, play it well) alternatively computer. They'll also permit you to see past every change you are making, that is nice.

My own preference is git, however i have no clue exactly what the condition of git support on Home windows is. That being the situation, I'd suggest that you consider Mercurial, because I understand without a doubt it is effective around the two platforms you pointed out. Take a look at BitBucket free of charge Mercurial source code hosting, and also you will not even suffer from establishing a server to make use of!

Incidentally, there's good, free source code hosting its the VCSes I've pointed out:

  • GitHub for Git
  • Google Code for Subversion
  • Launchpad for Bazaar (this really is most likely minimal user-friendly from the three)

Bazaar is really a versioning control system, even though it can perform what you would like it's most likely overkill for the purpose.

That which you appear to become searching for is really a filesharing solution for example dropbox, live mesh, spideroak etc., which allows you sync files between computer systems.

The simplest method to accomplish your ultimate goal is most likely to make use of DropBox. You might then operate a version control system over your shared folder is you want.