We have a current system which connects towards the the rear finish via http (apache/ssl) and polls the server for brand new messages, obviously we've scalability issues.

I am researching on getting rid of this polling and know of BOSH/XMPP but I am unsure the way we should go ahead and take BOSH technique (using lengthy resided http connection).

I have seen you will find couple of libraries available however the entire factor appears bloaty since we don't need buddy lists etc and only desire to inform the clients of accessible messages.

The customer is designed in C/C++ and works across most OS to ensure that is a vital factor. The server is within Java.

does bosh lead to large numbers of httpd processes? because it needs to keep all of the clients connected, what will be the limit on that. we're also likely to proceed to 64 bit JVM/apache what will be the max limit of clients for the reason that situation.

any hints?

I'd observe that BOSH is outside of XMPP, so there is no "buddy lists" involved. XMPP-over-BOSH is exactly what you are considering there.

Have a look at collecta.com and connected blogs (most likely by Jack Moffitt) about how exactly they will use BOSH (as well as XMPP) to provide real-time information to large amounts of customers.

For the scaling difficulties with Apache, I'm not sure &mdash most probably each connection is applying couple of assets, so that you can increase the amount of connections per Apache process. But you might take a look at a few of the connection manager technologies (like punjab) pointed out around the BOSH page above.