I've got a c# application that defines a subscription provider utilized in a Asp.Internet MVC application. And that i come with an apache httpd server that does authentication with mod_wsgi.

The aim would be to share the membership provider between your two, to ensure that the authentication information function as the same.

How do i accomplish this behavior ?


  1. Apache serves static content.

  2. Certain URI's is going to be routed to mod_wsgi to Python.

  3. Python will execute (via subprocess) a C# program, supplying command-line arguments, and reading through the conventional output response in the C# program.

  4. Python does other things is needed for everyone the webpages.

This presumes your C# application runs in the command line, reads command-line parameters and creates its lead to standard output. It is really an easy factor to construct. It might not be the actual way it works today, but any program that runs in the command lines are trivial to integrate.

Your C# application, BTW, may also be rewritten into Python. It is not miracle. It is simply code. Browse the code, comprehend the code, and translate the code. You will be a great deal more happy changing the C# with something simpler.

A number of ways:

  1. COM interface (if Home windows OS), although this is a little slow (create a COM-compatible library, register it with regasm, utilize it).
  2. Using Gearman (unsure if faster than COM and whether or not this has Python and C# support, the analysis can be you) http://gearman.org/
  3. While using method referred to by S.Lott
  4. Using Cleaning soap (slow, large)