I recieve military services weapons expression error after i try,

SELECT 'label1:'||distinct col1 from tab1;

It is possible to method of getting for this error? Thanks ahead of time.

Edit: The whole totally:

SELECT 'label1:'||distinct col1 from tab1 order by col1;

The very first error happens because distinct is incorporated in the wrong place.

SELECT distinct 'label1:'|| col1 as c 
from tab1

The 2nd one pointed out within the comments happens because you had been ordering by col1. You have to alias the brand new column and order through the alias as above. (Note you should use col1 because the alias if you would like)

DISTINCT is part of a SELECT clause, not the purpose of the posts:

SELECT  DISTINCT 'label1:' || col1
FROM    tab1


To really make it use ORDER BY, use

SELECT  'label1:' || col1
FROM    (
        SELECT  DISTINCT col1
        FROM    tab1

try that one

SELECT  DISTINCT 'label1:' || col1
FROM tab1 order by 1;