I wish to use Content management systems to create a webapp on Light. Which is the greatest Joomla or Wordpress ?

The standards I'm thinking about are

  1. Simple to make
  2. Scalability
  3. Easily maintainable.

Thanks Jijoy

I believe Joomla or Drupal will be a better fit than Wordpress being that they are more general purpose than Wordpress. Joomla is a touch simpler as they are but Drupal is extremely effective with lots of modules that may enhance functionality.

I realy like Wordpress! nevertheless its clearly your blog-content management systems. If you're searching to create a website with separated pages maybe joomla is going to be best.

Wordpress is simple to setup and also to update/upgrade. i remember when i attempted joomla however it was method to "heavy" for my purpose.

It's difficult to express one is preferable to another without producing lots of flame. Generally, my experience continues to be that Wordpress is "better" in line with the following reasons:

  1. As they are functionality is straightforward and simple to obtain a fundamental Content management systems ready to go. They do not include features that won't get used, and allow you to decide things to add via a very broad plug ins community.
  2. The code and API is a lot more intuitive
  3. The core is much more scalable -- Wordpress forces some of the most popular / highly trafficed sites on the internet. Joomla doesn't have nearly that presence.
  4. The administrative interface is usually better organized and much more intuitive.

Again, just my experience -- might be not the same as other folks' :)

If you work with something similar to Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal you ought to have really compelling reasons to do this. If these programs or their extensions fulfill most your user tales / needs, then yes proceed by using it.

Now you have to check up on the origin code documentation these free applications and go through the origin code itself, comprehend the architecture after which have a call which fits into your budget. It might be very difficult for just one people to consider this demand you, particularly when we do not understand what your exact needs are.

An alternative choice you should look at is applying frameworks for example Zend, CakePHP, Symphony, Kohana. These frameworks/libraries provide in built solutions for a number of the most popular issues while providing you with the liberty to build up your application with no major constraints.

And IMHO if at all possible, switch from PHP to Python and you should consider a number of Python's web application frameworks for example Django/Webapp etc.